Saturday, December 17, 2011

Experience the most spectacular Christmas shows at SM City Iloilo.

Visit Alberto at the Lower Ground Floor of SM City Iloilo

Experience the Piano Music of Angelo Ortiz

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Michael Young will not perform at SM City Iloilo. In lieu of this, Angelo Ortiz will perform in his stead. Catch the performance of this World Class pianist on DECEMBER 17, 5 PM at the SM Event Center.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ballet Philippines "JEWELS"

It's CHRISTMAS! The Musical

Our story begins during the Christmas rush at the mall. A little girl is tagging along with
her mother, shopping for presents. Tired of all the walking, she stops to rest at a bench
and falls asleep. When she wakes up, the mall is silent and empty. She begins to panic
and then cry. She does not notice that a store mannequin in a nearby shop has moved
out of his place and is watching her curiously. When he speaks to her, she is startled
and a little frightened at first until she realizes he is friendly and would like to help her
pass the time until daylight comes and the mall opens again. Together with her new
friend, the little girl goes on an adventure through the mall.

The two meet a host of curious characters throughout the mall. There is a Christmas
Fairy, a Chef and a Toymaker. The Christmas Fairy holds the keys that bring them all to
life every night when the mall closes. As they continue to explore the magical place
they run into the Mean-Spirited Elf, a surly creature who likes making things miserable
for everyone. Unbeknownst to them, he steals the Fairy’s keys. As the day draws
nearer, the little girl’s new friends take her back to where they found her. When the
mall opens, the girl will be found and she will be able to get home. Unfortunately, they
then realize that the Fairy’s keys are missing! Without the keys, all of the little girl’s new
friends will never be able to come to life again! With very little time left, they split up to
find the keys. The Little Girl comes face to face with the Mean-Spirited Elf who admits
he has stolen the keys. He is unhappy because no one ever lets him join in the fun so
stealing the keys is his way of getting back at all of them. Once the others realize what
is making the elf so mean-spirited, they immediately apologize for neglecting him and
gladly welcome him into the fold. With everyone happy, they bid good-bye to the little
girl. The little girl gets very drowsy and goes to sleep. She is soon awakened by her
mother. She has, apparently, only been asleep for a few minutes and everything that
has happened to her is merely a dream.

Catch some of the country's most talented performers LIVE @ SM City Iloilo this Christmas Season.

Trash to Cash @ SM City Iloilo

Join the SM City Trash to Cash recycling market fair on December 2-3, 2011, 
7:00 AM - 2:00 PM at the SM Parking Lot.

Happenings @ SM City Iloilo